7th Science Rocks!


Notes From 1/17/18  Meeting:

***I will be using my Blog and  Google Classroom to send you updates, information and reminders about the E-Team.

***We will be holding meetings each Thursday morning, 7:25 – 7:45.

***This week, we talked about and sampled some Fair Trade (& organic) chocolate. YUM! Next Thursday, 1/24, we will check out fruits and veggies that are labeled organic. Yes, you will get a chance to eat some wonderful organic fruits and fruit products. Then, on the 31st, we will talk about “Buying Local” and how this affects the environment and the choices we have in this are to buy local.

***The 4th week we will go on a field trip – to a store in Grand Rapids that sells Fair Trade and Organic foods and clothes, to learn how they try to offer sustainable products! We will immediately head across the street for some good eats at a restaurant that buys and sells local produce whenever they can. I will give you permission slips and more information about the trip in the weeks to come.

***Invite your friends to join in our fun and green learning. 🙂 Have a terrific weekend!

New City Farm

New City Farm GR MI


Meeting —–> Thursday, Jan 18, 7:25-7:45am
Ms. Kelly’s room
Theme: Fair Trade Chocolate!
Discuss E-team choices, field trips, recycling, and themes for the year 🙂
Questions? Come and check this out!
“You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” —Jane Goodall

Image result for fair trade chocolateRelated image

Organizational Meeting:  December 20 

Ideas for Themes this year:

*Endangered Species 
*Zoo Environments 
*Allergies Related to Chemicals and Changes in the Environment 

*Water Pollution & Clean Water 
*Use Less Resources 
* “Green Buildings and Design” –  sustainable architecture and engineering designs
*Rate Businesses for their Green Initiatives

*Beach Clean-Up 
*Saving Energy 
*Organic Foods and Fair Trade Products

*Shop Local

*Clean Energy, like wind turbines, solar power 
*De-forestation – Amazon rainforest
*battery recycling – rechargeable batteries

*energy efficient heaters, radiators – don’t waste energy
*reduce excess water waste 
*plastic trash bags
*movie night – environmentally-themed movies

*Protect the oceans lakes

*choose toys, school supplies – made of recycled materials
*energy efficient lights
*look for plants that require low-water 
*use natural paints, less chemicals

*Reducing your footprint – use less materials, waste less

*compost piles and barrels
*water bottles – reuseable
*extreme weather , especially due to Global Climate Change  


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