7th Science Rocks!

Notes for the Unit!

S.T.E.M. = Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Graphic Organizer Notes, Made with Word Clouds 9/14

STEM cognotes17

Lab Safety:

{You wrote these notes on a “8-box”  paper.  The Lab Safety types are simply listed below on this blog format.  The lab safety types do not have to be in a specific order.}

 A.  Animal Safety

Handle with care

Keep them contained or caged

B.  Electrical Safety

Don’t overload outlets

Be careful with cords

(no water near outlets)

C.  “Sharps” Safety

Carry properly (points in palm, scalpels in a tray)

Use correctly – cut away

D.  Heat / Cold Safety

Use hot pads, protective gloves

Do not heat liquids in sealed containers (we discussed “why?” with higher order thinking questions)

E.  Glass Safety

Handle with care

Any chips on glass- tell a teacher

Use  2 hands!

F.  Eye & Face Safety

Wear goggles when using chemicals and fire

G.  Fire Safety

Respect what fire can do

No hairspray or hair near flames

H.  Chemical Safety

Do not ever mix chemicals (unless instructed to do so)

Do not taste, touch or smell chemicals (waft)






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  1. i like the blog.

  2. Yeah, the blog is real neat. I like this one better than the other one.

  3. I think this one, it gives it more maturity than the other one

  4. Could you put up a finished diagram of all the cells?

    • Use your textbook … or use the cell website that I posted a couple of days ago, called “Cells Alive!” That should help. You can also do a Google search for labeled cell images – the more cells you look at, the better you will be at identifying important structures and organelles.

  5. What is the extocytosis’s funtion?
    A vacuole surrounding particules fuseses with the cell membrane
    Is that right Miss Kelly?

  6. There is more to the deffinition but i short handed it a bit

  7. Exocytosis – is a process, not a cell structure. Endo and exocytosis are cell processes in which the cell membrane surrounds and engulfs a particle in the area around the protist. For instance, and amoeba takes in food this way. Thanks for your question! 🙂

  8. When is the Study Game due? I would like to know so I can plan ahead.

  9. Your welcome Miss Kelly !
    Have a good afternoon ! 🙂

  10. Hannah the game is due AFTER THANKSGIVING 🙂

  11. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  12. i like the blog more than moodle

  13. what is a cell process

    • Merissa, the cell processes that you were responsible for learning about were on pages 28-35 and 40-48. Look back at my blog on Friday Nov. 22 (use the calendar).
      Thanks for your question.

  14. Since we didn’t take notes on Telophase and Cytokinesis yet, do we still have to make diagrams for those tonight?

    • yes, you should, … you read the section and you should have written a note or 2 on your Hamburger Frame. If you write it in pencil, you can always update the notes if you need to. 🙂
      Thanks for your question.

  15. Thanks for the youtube videos I really appreciate it

    I’m Not Short I’m Fun Size

  16. i realy like your blog mrs kelly

  17. this is the most awesome blog ever using it to do the notes for hw tonight

  18. love the blog Ms. Kelly

  19. Where is the physical properties and chemical properties notes?

  20. I was looking over my notes and I noticed that I didn’t understand what malleability meant. I looked up the definition but I was still confused.

  21. Cool blog Ms.Kelly! This one (I think) is better to use than the other one!

  22. What is our homework for March 6, 2014? I have Choral Festival so I won’t be in first hour.

  23. nice blog better than moodle

  24. This blog rocks!!

  25. What are examples of infrared rays

  26. Never mind i found it in my notes

  27. i cant find the rag website

  28. Hello Ms.Kelly i was wondering i have the homework for tonight written down in my Agenda and i put down Sticky note reading and i forgot sticky notes so can i just write them out on a piece of paper and put them on sticky notes tomorrow?

  29. I love the blog its awesome

  30. are the powerpoint notes on the blog???

  31. Yes, I copy my notes from my ppt. slides right onto the blog.

    Thanks for your question!

  32. Hello Ms.Kelly i cannot find the Video notes that we had for hw a couple of days ago. i was wondering if you could emai them to me or put them in your comment when you post back to me thank you so much again i need both of th videos that you sent to us also if you need my email (wich i doubt that you will) just let me know thank you so much

    Merissa Rockey.

  33. Is this all the notes? I thought there were more.

  34. Hi Ms. Kelly I am currently studying for the quiz tomorrow and I only see seven steps and I remember you saying there is eight, what would be the final one.

  35. Hi Ms. Kelly what is the website for the HW last night????

  36. This blog is AWESOME!!!!!

  37. where is the notes for the microscope because i can not find them.

  38. Hi Autumn, They are posted on the “Notes for the Unit” page on my Blog. I posted them after school. Thanks for asking 🙂

  39. hey Ms kelly love the blog best thing since sliced bread

  40. i love this blog alot

  41. you are welcome and it is the best thing since sliced bread

  42. nice

  43. About the Blog If there was a transverse wave coming in what would a tsunami wave be like like what type of wave? and if a tsunami hit grand haven how would it continue to move if there was stuff hitting it would the vibration be very strong?.

    • Ryan,

      Tsunamis are not like regular ocean or big lake waves, which are surface waves, caused by winds. Tsunamis are waves that move deep under the surface of the ocean, caused by earthquakes or other large disturbances. When tsunamis move towards a beach, the waves become compressed, their amplitude increases, and then the waves becomes really large and damaging. Another effect of tsunamis arriving is their trough often arrives first, which creates a vacuum effect, and the beach water is sucked out to sea before the crest pounds the beach. Check out these sites for more details: or

  44. can you post the nots

  45. Can you put a conclusion section on here? I forgot how too format a conclusion.

  46. how do you want the periodic table done?

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