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Thursday, March 26

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  • MS-PS1-2.    Analyze and interpret data on the properties of substances [before and after the substances interact to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred].
  • DCI: PS1.A    Each pure substance has characteristic physical and chemical properties (for any bulk quantity under given conditions) that can be used to identify it.
  • CCCs:   **Connections to the Nature of Science
  • SEPs:   **Scientific Knowledge is Based on Empirical Evidence:
    **Analyzing and Interpreting Data

Science Connections at Home!

So do you want to start this experiment with the same energy as yesterday?  OK!!

Ladies and Gentlemen….Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!  Ya ‘all Ready for this?

  1.  Yesterday, we started our activity with you using your creative juices to devise a plan to get your golf balls floating and sinking– you did not start the actual activity, you should have written out your own STEM EDP – ASK, IMAGINE and started your PLAN.  You should have written out the list of materials, and now you are ready to start your engines!  

By THE WAY….. which science concepts did you write and use in your ASK and IMAGINE?    Oh No…  you cannot pass “go” unless you noted key science concepts from the past 2 weeks that will help you to think about and explain this experiment and the results!  Look through your Sketch Notes and the reading…. hmmmm.  You should be able to write 4-5 important concepts that will be KEY in helping you to explain this activity!

2.  First, You need to carefully think about the procedure and method you will take to do this.  Don’t just race through this, because you will waste time later!!!    I will give you one hint—->  start writing the procedure by getting the golf ball to sink — your Control Experiment— this will make your life much easier 🙂  Next – write 4 or 5 steps MINIMUM  ,  make sure to include amounts (in your materials list) and note what your Independent Variable is that you are changing in the trials after the  the Control Experiment (getting the golf ball to sink)!

Do you understand CONTROL and INDEPENDENT VARIABLE?  If you need a quick review—-> these notes have been on the 7th Science Notes for Unit page on this Blog since the beginning of the year.  Scroll all the way down.  There you go!

3.  Next:  Create a Data Table or Graph if you are taking this challenge on!  How will you record the data?  It just cannot state that the golf ball “sunk” or “floated.”  you need some kind of measurement involved.  What will you measure?  Length?  Volume?  Height?  Mass?  Time?  Temperature?  You KNOW that data needs to be measurable!  You choose!

4.  I know, I know, you are jumping at the bit to get started with this lab.  Ok.  Run your Control Experiment!   (don’t forget to record measurable data).  But You should run the rest of the trials unless you want to put in some serious time (30 more minutes?) into science today.

See you tomorrow, you Science Champs!


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