Science Rocks!

Wednesday, March 25

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  • MS-PS1-2.    Analyze and interpret data on the properties of substances [before and after the substances interact to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred].
  • DCI: PS1.A    Each pure substance has characteristic physical and chemical properties (for any bulk quantity under given conditions) that can be used to identify it.
  • CCCs:   **Connections to the Nature of Science
  • SEPs:   **Scientific Knowledge is Based on Empirical Evidence:
    **Analyzing and Interpreting Data

Science Connections at Home!

Ladies and Gentlemen….Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!  Ya ‘all Ready for this?

Do you remember that day I showed you the crazy golf balls in the the tennis ball containers?!!!  This is that day!  If you have been following along, you are ready for this!  Pump up your jam (play that tune above, get psyched, and get ready, because Heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrreeee we gooooooooo!

Read first:   

a.  If you have not been completing the readings and activities prior to today, you might  want to start back a couple of weeks, because they will definitely help you to be successful!

b.  If we were  completing this in the school building, I would say No Laptops, No fair looking up ideas now online.  Because I want YOUR best ideas today – YOU to think outside of the box, and think like an ENGINEER!  Students in the past years did this and their ideas and experiments were A-Mazing, Space Jam Material!

c.  So before you go any further, if you choose, write down your brainstorming — I will share a Box Paper  (on Google.classroom)  with with you to remember of  the STEM  EDP.  Because you will want to follow along.  You terrific students know I have this STEM EDP on the STEM page on this Blog and in the end of the Notes for this Unit page.    Complete  ASK and IMAGINE.  You can draw this into a notebook- you do not have to print out the STEM EDP.

d.  After this – yes, you can call a good friend and ask them how they would set this up.  You can email a friend and complete this experiment and talk it through with a friend as you move through the different steps , because you would be working on this with a partner in the classroom.

e.  Now, decide what materials you need.  BE CREATIVE!  you might not have the golf balls, you might not have a tennis ball container.  Don’t worry about that!  You KNOW I want you to be thinking OUTSIDE of the Box on this!  Just keep the goals in mind.  And look up at the standards for the day and think about how you will meet these head on!

f.  Start to write your PLAN  (Materials).  That is it for today!  Tomorrow, you will do more with this.  I know, I know you are excited and want to work ahead.  You can if you want you know,  but I am trying to stick with the right amount of time of work for you each day.  If you work ahead I am going to give you another challenge tomorrow,…. so be ready and have fun!

I miss you all like crazy.  Stay safe and take care of yourselves and let me know how you are doing sometime this week. 

Here is some extra positive and happy music to work to (my jams):

Earth Wind & Fire  September 1978   Disco Purrfection Version

Earth, Wind & Fire with The Emotions ~ Boogie Wonderland 1979   Disco Purrfection Version




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