7th Science Rocks!

Summer 2017

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Daily Objectives:  

Look for Science – In All You Do!!!

If you are looking at this Blog this summer, you might be looking for something to do!

Here is my “science”  list:

  1.  Read, Read, Read!  This is one of the best ways to increase your vocabulary, build your understanding and comprehension, and build a better appreciation for the world around you.  Every great teacher will tell you that they can spot the readers in their classes— it is that evident and clear!  And it really will make a positive difference in your ability to perform in your classes.
  2.  Get outside and experience the world around you!  It does not matter if you are in your backyard, at the beach and Lake Michigan, hiking on a trail in the woods, pulling weeds in your family’s garden, walking around town, camping with the fam, or exploring someplace you have never been…..  although some of those places are more fun than others!  Get outside!  Look at the amazing life around you!  Microscopic, macroscopic, plants, animals, insects, birds, fungi,… it is simply amazing and just waiting for YOU!
  3. Observe with a scientist’s eyes!  Question what you see!  Can you design an experiment with the situations in front of you?  Why are things the way they are?  Wonderment is a powerful learning tool.
  4. Ask someone a question and really listen to their answer.  We can learn sooooooo much from each other.  You build your knowledge base just by gaining information you have learned from other cool people like yourself!
  5. Which kind of service project or service learning can you do for another?  This is still science (everything is science!), but it is science that serves others.    It creates a great feeling (for you and the other person) and helps you to mature into the kind of person that others would like to team up with on those science projects and experiments. 🙂  Group skills are keys to success in group projects.
  6. Discover a few new websites that are fun and interesting and can teach you something new!  What do you like about them?  Share them with a parent and a friend or two.
  7. Get some serious exercise– walking, hiking, running, shoot some hoops, dancing, practice dribbling and kicking a soccer ball, practice your volleyball or tennis serving form, play catch – baseball and softball, swim, rollerblade— get active with whatever makes you feel happy!  Move those muscles and bones, challenge your heart to pump a bit more (human body connection — see where I am going?)!  
  8. Rest your brain- get some good sleep and relaxation!  I know, I need to pay attention to this one.  Meditate, do some yoga, perform some long, slow stretches…. give yourself permission to slow down now and then.
  9. Take care of your environment and look for ways to improve your surroundings.  Can you reduce the amount of energy you are using?  Can you recycle a bit more and reduce the amount of trash you are creating?  Can you help someone understand the difference between climate and weather?   How about trying to reduce the amount of water you use daily?  Look for ways different businesses and companies around you are doing their part to be “green” and sustainable– and then tell them you appreciate their efforts!
  10.   Tell yourself daily that you are a fantastic and wonderful person!  Because you are!

Then get outside and do these things all over again!   Remember, science is not only in the classroom!  Get out there and discover!  Have fun!  Because science is really all about discovery and fun experiences!!

One of my favorite places: Longs Peak, Chasm Lake Hike, Rocky Mountains



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