7th Science Rocks!

Monday, June 5

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Daily Objective:  Demonstrate 70% (or better) understanding of the 7th Grade State of Michigan Science objectives and standards.


Today in Class:  

  1. Announcements:  a.  Please take your solar cooker home!     b.  The Sustainability Project Google.slide presentation were graded (woohoo!!!) over the weekend.  If you did not receive a grade, you did not submit / share this with me.     c.  I will grade Solar Cookers Lab WS next.
  2.  You started the first half of the 7th Grade Science Benchmarks Assessment.  This assessment should show you and me how much of the 7th science benchmarks and objectives that you can remember and understand.  This is not an assessment to be recorded as a grade.  It is a way for the science teachers to evaluate our students (how much are you learning, do you need to study and review over the summer) and to help the teachers understand what we need to do to teach more effectively.   You will take the rest of the assessment tomorrow.


Homework:  No Homework.  Enjoy the solar energy and make sure you do not absorb too much  electromagnetic radiation !  

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