7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, May 30

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Daily Objectives:

1. Run tests for a working model that uses solar energy and heat transfer.  Record measurable data to prove that your model had an increase in thermal energy.

2. Describe the origins of pollution in the atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere, (car exhaust, industrial emissions, acid rain, and natural sources), and how pollution impacts habitats, climatic change, threatens or endangers species.

3. Design Solutions to problems using technology.

4.  Describe the effect humans and other organisms have on the balance of the natural world.

5.  Recognize possible solutions to environmental problems, such as a lack of resources, energy shortages,  energy that produces pollution,…

P.EN.M.3 /  P.EN.M.4 /  E.ES.07.11 /  E.ES.M.1/  E.ES.07.41 / E.ES.07.42 / E.ES.07.41 /E.ES.07.42


Today in Class:

1. Any Sustainability group that did not yet send out their “Invite” for the Sustainability Showcase was asked to complete this action as a Bell Ringer.  All groups should have invited and thanked the adults who partnered with them and helped them as they worked on their action/experiment/working model/scientific survey.

2.  Second Trials: Solar Cookers—  your group should have made modifications to test your solar cooker and prove that heat transfer did occur and that your solar cooker was indeed working.  Did you and your partner make the necessary changes and demonstrate understanding of the topics and the scientific process?

3.  5th and 7th Hours worked on their solar cooker trials a short time, so that they could start their Google.slides to get ready for Thursday night’s showcase.  (Block Schedule Thursday – so 5th and 7th hours do not have class Thursday).

Homework: Prepare for the Sustainability Showcase —-> This Thursday evening!!!  All ‘action work’ for your project should have been completed by last week Thursday.






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