7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, May 23

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Identify positive and negative consequences of using renewable energy
2.  Identify environmentally friendly designs that would improve the sustainability of a facility.  Students match “architectural” designs with their goals for the facility.
2. Describe the origins of pollution in the atmosphere, geosphere, and hydrosphere, (car exhaust, industrial emissions, acid rain, and natural sources), and how pollution impacts habitats, climatic change, threatens or endangers species.
3.  Design Solutions to problems using technology.
P.EN.M.3  /  P.EN.M.4  /   E.ES.07.11 /   E.ES.M.1 / E.ES.07.41 / E.ES.07.42 / E.ES.07.41 / E.ES.07.42
Today in Class:
1.  You and your partner should have completed your Sustainability Project Contact paper.
2.   I reviewed the due dates for the upcoming weeks (see yesterday’s post).
3.  1-4th hours: we completed our notes on Renewable energy, the types, the advantages and disadvantages.
4.  5-7th hours:  you chose a type of facility that you and a partner would like to “design,” keeping in mind various environmental changes and improvements that would make the facility more sustainable.
Homework:   Don’t forget: Quiz Thursday (Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Advantages and Disadvantages; application of notes and standards to your sustainability project).




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