7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, May 10

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Design Solutions to problems using technology.
2.  Describe the effect humans and other organisms have on the balance of the natural world.
3.  Recognize possible solutions to environmental problems, such as a lack of resources, energy shortages, and polluted water, land and air,…
Today in Class:
1.  I discussed the goals and the progression of the Sustainability Project  with each class.  I will make sure to put my checklist and explanation on the tab (up top), marked “Sustainability.”  I reminded you that it will be helpful if you only go as far as directed – but you try to meet your deadlines.
2.  I checked your Sustainability Project progression  today,  you should have contacted a business , a community member, someone in the schools or township offices,…. that you and your partner will work with to solve your your problem.  This was assigned last Thursday and Friday.
3.  Most classes also worked on their Solar Cooker designs and materials lists.  We will build these Friday and test them next week.
1.  Bring in your Solar Cooker materials by Friday.
2.  Share the details and timeline about the Sustainability Project with a parent.  (I will post this right after I post this date post of 5/10).



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