7th Science Rocks!

Monday, May 8

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Daily Objectives:  

  1.  Describe the effect humans and other organisms have on the balance of the natural world.
  2. Practice test taking strategies, review 6th Grade Science Objectives


Today in Class:

  1.  We discussed the Water, Weather and the Atmosphere Unit Assessment.

2.  We reviewed Rocks and Minerals, and practiced science test-taking strategies: “Known – Unknown” list.

3.  We discussed the test schedule and the materials/ activities that we will work on this week.  Some of you have questions with the test schedule and due dates for the Solar Cookers and the Sustainability projects.  We discussed these in class last Friday and today, and I will list this below:

M-Step Dates – 7th Grade:   May 9 & May 11: Math Test I; Math Test II

May 16 – Science Tests I and II (part II may be moved to 5/18 if the Part I test is long)

May  18 –  ELA Test —only one section; (if the Science Part II is moved, then ELA will move to 5/23)

Solar Cooker Activity: This is an activity to complete during science class.   You are welcome to research and learn extra about these at home– but the work should be completed during class, with your group.   Last week, you should have completed side 1! Some classes had time to sketch out their “cooker” also on side 2.    Wednesday, 5/10: your group will be designing your cooker and answering questions on side 2.  Friday, 5/12: you group will build your solar cooker.  Now, some students have asked if they can build a more complex solar cooker at home—- yes (and this is a “challenge” activity if you accompany the work with some written reasons why it should increase the energy to the marshmallow to make it melt).  Your group will still need to complete a solar cooker during class — as a team.    Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will be able to test these home-made solar cookers out next Monday, May 15 (or May 16).

Sustainability Project:   This is the project that you and a partner should have proposed and decided to do last Friday.  Your homework – as it was described on May 4 & 5 posts—- and is due this Wednesday, May 10- was to make your first contacts with the community members, business, park officials,…. with the people that you want to learn more from, and partner with.    Your project should NOT be completed by Wednesday!  This is a month-long project and we will discuss due dates and break the projects up into chunks Wednesday and Thursday this week (depending when I have you for science due to the M-Step testing.

Homework:  No new HW –  just make sure you have made contact with the adults that you want to partner with and or learn from (see above) by Wednesday.   Get some rest and eat a good breakfast Tuesday am.







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