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Wednesday, May 3

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Describe the origins of pollution in the hydrosphere, (car exhaust, solid waste, acid rain, and natural sources), and how pollution impacts habitats, climatic change, threatens or endangers species.
2.  Design Solutions to problems using technology.
3.   Describe the effect humans and other organisms have on the balance of the natural world.
4.  Recognize possible solutions to environmental problems, such as a lack of resources, energy shortages, and pollution.  Identify possible technological advances in recycling, upcycling, conservation of resources, reduction of energy use.
5..   Human activities have changed the land, oceans and atmosphere of the Earth, resulting in reduction of the number and variety of wild plants and animals, sometimes causing the extinction of species
6.  Explain how human activities (urban development, farming, etc) changed the surface of the Earth and affect the survival of organisms.
S.RS.07.16  /  S.RS.07.17  /  E.ES.M.7 / E.ES.07.12  /  E.ES.07.13  /  E.ES.07.42  /  E.ES.07.81  /   E.ES.07.82
1.  M-Step Discussion and Punch Cards:  how will you ensure that you will perform your best?
Explanation of the Punch Cards – the reminders will be stated before M-Step
2.  Sustainability Projects:   Day 1— Make it Rain!   I passed out papers – “Action Plan: Sustainability Problem Solving” and students moved into groups.  You were given time to  start to identify 5+ environmental concerns or problems in our community or your neighborhood, the West MI area, or AMS School.  You were to try to name 5+  problems / concerns- on the “storm clouds”– Making it “Rain.”  We discussed some examples to start this up.

Homework:  Come up with 5+ great ideas that would solve a problem, with an environmental theme.  We will do more with this Thursday and Friday.

Here are some websites to look for more ideas – the top 4 sites have great lists and I think you should find something on one of those — or check out some of the others:

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