7th Science Rocks!

Monday, May 1

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Daily Objectives:

Look back at all of the objectives we have studied and discussed during the past 5 weeks!   All Standards / GLCEs for this unit

S.IP.07.11 / E.ES.07.81 / E.ES.M.8 / E.ES.07.82  / S.IA.07.13 / L.OL.07.63 /  E.ES.07.12 / E.ES.07.13 / E.ES.07.42 / E.ES.07.81 / E.ES.07.82 / E.ES.07.72

Today in Class:

1.Congrats to our 7th Grade Science Students who were super-successful in Science Olympiad:     Matthew Brovont, David Smith, Bridget Rozema, and  Jacob Williams!    You rock!

2.  Class– Groups Review!  Mr Fowler and I asked many questions to give you a sampling of questions that will be fair game for your assessment on Water, Weather and the Atmosphere tomorrow.    Remember to review and study your diagrams and graphs and illustrations in the text — you should be able to explain these and sum up the key ideas about each.    All notes are on my Blog—–> Notes for the Unit page!

Homework:  Study, of course. 🙂  Hopefully, you have studied each time it was assigned the past week or so.




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