7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, April 26

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Weather and Climate- Global patterns of atmospheric and oceanic movement influence weather and climate.
2.  Describe how different weather occurs due to the constant motion of the atmosphere from the energy of the sun reaching the surface of the Earth.
3.  Identify what causes surface currents and explain how surface currents affect climate
4.  Analyze a set of bar graphs and interpret the information that is contained in these bars.  Create a pie graph (set of pie graphs) that illustrates and matches the data on  the bar graphs.
E.ES.M.7 / E.ES.07.12  /  E.ES.07.13  /  E.ES.07.42  /


Today in Class:

  1.  Refer to the bar graphs below to create 2 pie graphs to illustrate the:   a.  percent of freshwater to salt water   and      b.  location / type of freshwater     { See the bar graph set below.}

2.  Notes:  Ocean Surface Currents, Coriolis Effect, Gulf Stream, El Niño , and La Niña  (my notes will be updated right after this! 🙂

3.  Coriolis Effect diagrams were graded….


Image result for bar graphs water in world

Homework:  Study!!!  Study your diagrams (notes, book).  Try to explain or teach these to a parent or someone who is not in 7th Grade Science!    Diagrams include:  Water Cycle, Watersheds,  Layers of the Atmosphere Graph, Fronts and Air Masses, Solar Energy Reaching the Earth (pp. 92 & 94); Convection Currents…

Ducks OverBoard– MakeUp Questions:

1.  Besides the ducks and First Years’ toys, there are many other types of pullutants that end up being ingested by sea animals.  What are some of these other dangerous pollutants?

2.  Mr. Ebbesmeyer found some of the ducks as he was beachcombing in Seattle, WA.  Where are some of the other locations that people have found these plastic ducks and turtles?

3.  What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and approximately how large was it (at the time that this article was written)?  

4.  The largest gyre is the North Pacific __________________ Gyre.  It is located between Japan and ____________________.

5.  Look at the diagram below.  Why do the people in Hawaii continually have to clean up the plastic trash pieces from their beaches?  Use the concepts in the article to help to explain.

North Pacific Ocean convergence zone





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