7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, April 25

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Describe weather conditions associated with frontal boundaries (cold, warm, stationary, and occluded) and the movement of major air masses and the jet stream across North America, using a weather map.
2. Describe how different weather occurs due to the constant motion of the atmosphere from the energy of the sun reaching the surface of the Earth.
3. Explain how the temperature of the oceans affects the different climates on Earth because water in the oceans holds a large amount of heat
4. Describe the relationship between the warming of the atmosphere of the Earth by the sun and convection within the atmosphere and oceans.
5. Describe how warming of the Earth by the sun produce winds and ocean currents.
 E.ES.07.12 / E.ES.07.13  / E.ES.07.72 /  E.ES/07.73 / E.ES.07.74
Today in Class:
1.  Correct and discuss the Ducks Overboard worksheet (5-7th hours)
2.  You and a partner read pages  90-93; 94; 101; 103-105.  Then you should have completed the labels for how much sunlight was absorbed, scattered, reflected, and radiated.  We talked about this and how the total amount of sunlight does NOT reach the surface of the Earth.
3.  Paper airplanes:  you were a pilot and had to make a logical guess  as to how you would “aim your plane” if you were flying from the north or south poles to Hawaii (a place on the Equator).
4.  Next you watched two videos about the Coriolis Effect and how this effects wind patterns – among other things in our atmosphere.
( I have also included an extra video).
Homework:  Draw a diagram of the Coriolis Effect.  Draw this into your notes.   Make sure to write a caption and / or label the diagram.



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