7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, April 20

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Identify causes of  surface currents and explain how surface currents affect climate
2.  Describe the origins of pollution in the hydrosphere, (car exhaust, solid waste, acid rain, and natural sources), and how pollution impacts habitats, climatic change, threatens or endangers species.
3.  Explain the problems of pollutants in the ocean and how they are affected by Earth’s surface currents and Gyre
4. Identify what causes surface currents and explain how surface currents affect climate
E.ES.07.12  /  E.ES.07.13  /  E.ES.07.42  /  E.ES.07.81  /


Today in Class:

1. Complete Graphic Organizer: Global Climate Change

2. Questions / Plans about Field Trip / & group assignments

3. Partner Read: Ducks Overboard! articles….
Read & evaluate articles /websites,  using the Reading Strategy: Write-Ins, WS

“Ducks Overboard! What happens to goods lost at sea?”

Garbage Patch MNN

Lost at sea: On the trail of Moby-Duck
3.  Analyze the key details and info:

a. What is a Gyre?
b. What did these ducks (and other toys) teach scientists?
c. What is a “garbage patch” in the ocean?
d. How many garbage patches exist?
3.  Sketch a map of the major gyres (with arrows for directions) on back of the WS

4.  Review – Mr. Fowler and I reviewed the concepts from this unit —- quiz #2 is moved to Monday, April 23.

Homework:  Did you complete your Global Climate Change graphic organizer?  Most students did complete this (you started this yesterday in class, then you should have completed 15-20 minutes time put into this for HW – and then you were given another 30 minutes during class to work on this.

Field Trip Notes:  

1.  Wear Long pants, closed-toe shoes, long sleeve shirt (a jacket or hoodie would be good for cooler temperatures).  NO sandals, NO shorts allowed.

2.  Bring a backpack if you want to carry a water bottle, a clip board, pencils, something hard to write on,…

3.  Make sure to listen to your chaperone and follow directions given by Ottawa County personnel, adult volunteers, and teachers.

4.  Report to your 5th Hour Class in the morning (unless your parent is a chaperone and you were told today that your schedule is changed).







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