7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, March 29

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Daily Objectives:

  1. Describe how different weather occurs due to the constant motion of the atmosphere from the energy of the sun reaching the surface of the Earth.
  2. Describe the atmosphere as a mixture of gases.
  3. Describe Cloud formation and how clouds are formed by varying amounts of condensation in the atmosphere and change in temperature differences in the lower atmosphereP.EN.07.43 / P.EN.07.62 / E.ES.07.72 / E.FE.07.11

Today in Class:

  1.  You reviewed and discussed the differences and similarities (compare and contrast) the Weather and Climate.
  2. You watched a really cool demonstration and then you completed a “I Observe, I Think, I Infer” paper- reporting on this demonstration.
  3. Next, groups were assigned a cloud type to research.

Your group used the following websites / links to locate the details about your cloud type:

typical shape, precipitation that occurs, elevation, density, size (in comparison to other clouds), appearance, composition (ice crystals, water droplets…)

NOAA Cloud Types

UCAR Center for Education: Cloud Types

Related imageImage result for cloud elevation kilometers

Your group should have noted this on your Cloud Notes WS and then one person should have written these details on a poster paper.

Homework:  Look outside today after school.  Do you see any clouds?  If so, which types do you see?



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