7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, March 21

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Daily Objectives:

1. Demonstrate a strong understanding of all concepts and objectives of the Waves & Energy Unit  the Waves and Energy Unit
2. Demonstrate how potential energy is transferred into kinetic energy and via versa.
3.  Explore: Energy Transfer- When energy is transferred from a source to a receiver, the quantity of energy before the transfer is equal to the quantity of energy after the transfer.
P.EN.M.3/ P.EN.M.4  /  P.EN.07.33/ P.EN.M.4/ P.EN.07.43
Today in Class:
1.  You and your partner should have set up and run your trials on your experiment: Ball Drop, PVC Ramp, Magnetics themed experiments.
2.  Review – Hours 1-4 played Attack the Castle review; Hours 5 and 7 reviewed as a class to try to answer as many questions correctly as possible.    You have the quiz #3 — Waves and Energy tomorrow.
Homework:  Review by actively study—-  Types of Waves, Properties of Waves; Wave Interaction; Heat Transfer;  Types of Energy; Energy Transfer; Photosynthesis…..
Study using your notes – Flip Notes, Notebook, Diagrams, worksheets and labs from this unit

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