7th Science Rocks!

Friday, March 17

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Demonstrate how waves transfer energy when they interact with matter
2.  Explore: Energy Transfer- When energy is transferred from a source to a receiver, the quantity of energy before the transfer is equal to the quantity of energy after the transfer.
3.  Explain how light energy is transferred to chemical through the process of photosynthesis
P.EN.07.33/ P.EN.M.4/ P.EN.07.43
Today in Class:
1.  You took the Waves and Energy Quiz #2.  Most of you seem to be understanding this material well. The quiz average was great, too.
2.  Photosynthesis Lab: you should have used your prior knowledge (think – the cell, microbiology, plants, chemistry compounds, and now Energy Transfer!)
Everyone partnered up and completed the Questions and Answers on the front of the Lab WS.
Next, you were able to observe leaf cells – Rotala indica species and see if you could identify the chloroplasts within the cells.  This was really cool!  Some of you might wish to look again Monday in the morning or at lunch.  I also have another type of aquatic plant: Hydrocotyle triparitita sp. , if you want to look at another species.
3.  You should have handed in your lab paper.  You should be close to completing  the questions on this lab.  You will be able to complete the last few questions for the bell ringer Monday at the beginning of class.
Homework:  If you found the questions challenging for the Photosynthesis Lab – review those notes.  The lab should be completed at the beginning of class Monday, so make sure you understand this important process and the energy transfers that take place.

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