7th Science Rocks!

Monday, March 6

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Daily Objectives:

1. Describe how different types of waves vary when they interact with matter.
2. Differentiate between types of waves: mechanical
3. Identify properties and types of waves
4.  Relate properties of waves to one another; compare and contrast the types of waves to one another
5.  Demonstrate different types of waves; show what happens to amplitude and frequency when a greater force/energy initiates your wave.
P.EN.07.31/ P.EN.07.32/ P.EN.07.33

Today in Class:

1.You should have completed the “Making Waves” activity.   You should have carefully read each direction set, and tried to create the wave type or wave property that was directed.  Then you should have answered questions.

2.  Define and describe frequency and speed in your Flip Notes.  Your class should be all caught up to the other classes now.

3.  Next, Mr. Fowler discussed the  “Go Formative”  assignment, and explained some questions and answers.

4.  Flip Notes: Reflection, Refraction, Diffraction– changes in waves.  You were given the opportunity to demonstrate these waves, watch a video  about diffraction of waves, and wrote your notes and diagrams of these waves.  Next you were directed to read pages 15-19, and then drawn a reflected wave, labelling the angle of incidence, angle of reflection, incoming wave, outgoing wave.

Homework:      Watch “The Original Double Slit Experiment” by Veritasium Video  The Original Double Slit Experiment


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