7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, March 1

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Daily Objectives:

1. Describe how different types of waves vary when they interact with matter.
2. Differentiate between types of waves: sound, light, mechanical
3. Identify properties and types of waves
P.EN.07.31/ P.EN.07.32/ P.EN.07.33
Today in Class:
1.  You recorded your levels of achievement with the Measurement Lab #2 and the Chemistry Assessment on the Spider Diagram, matching it with the MI Standards.
2.  Next, you discussed the waves terms and definitions that you should have located and written last night.  Mr. Fowler demonstrated the wave examples and parts of a wave, and then it was your turn to practice these concepts with a rope and a Slinky.
3.  The wave concepts that you demonstrated, diagrammed, and defined were Surface Waves, Transverse Waves , Wavelength, Amplitude, Trough, Resting Point, Speed, and Energy.  Then you noted relationships between these concepts- both direct and inverse mathematical relationships.
Homework:  [as directed on the board in class]: Look for “Real – World” examples of wave concepts.

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