7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, February 28

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Daily Objectives:

1. Check levels of achievement with Chemistry Benchmarks
2. Describe how different types of waves vary when they interact with matter.
3. Differentiate between types of waves: sound, light, mechanical
4. Identify properties and types of waves
P.EN.07.31/ P.EN.07.32/ P.EN.07.33

Today in Class:
1.  I discussed the 2nd Trimester Test and answered questions about the test with each class.  You were able to see your score on the Portal, and wrote this down with concepts to study on a grid 3 x 5 card.
2.  You completed a “KWL” Chart.  What do you Know about waves and energy, what do you Want to know about waves and energy?   Later, you will complete what have you learned about waves and energy on that chart.
3.  Next, you and Mr. Fowler completed notes — Characteristics of Waves, and started Mechanical Waves.  You wrote these definitions and diagrams on your Flip cards  for these terms ( wave, energy, medium, mechanical waves, vibration,  transverse waves, crest, trough).
Homework: Write 4 more definitions for the next 4 concepts on your Flip Notes: (Longitudinal waves, compression, rarefaction, surface waves).   



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