7th Science Rocks!

Monday, Feb. 27

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Daily Objective:

1.  Check levels of achievement with Chemistry Benchmarks
2.  Describe how different types of waves vary when they interact with matter.
3.  Differentiate between types of waves: sound, light, mechanical
4.  Identify properties and types of waves
P.EN.07.31/ P.EN.07.32/ P.EN.07.33
Today in Class:
1.  I completed the Spider Graph with most classes.  You should be able to look at this and check on your progress with the benchmarks for this unit.
2.  Mr. Fowler and I went over FLIP notes with the classes.  You were shown how to complete these, so that the concepts are showing at the bottom of each card.  Here are two Link to show how these notes are put together and how you will complete these:


Flip Book with examples/pictures

3.  The words that you should have at the base of your Flip Cards are the Section Headings in your book, typed in bold red print, pages  4-9.  (These words will also be placed onto my “Notes for the Unit” of this Blog).

Homework:  Please complete writing the words on your Flip Book (as shown in class and described above).  Next, complete reading pages 4-9 in your text.





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