7th Science Rocks!

Thursday & Friday: Feb. 23 & 24

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Demonstrate competency and ability to apply science concepts this Chemistry unit
2.  Utilize Chemistry concepts from this unit – combined with the lab procedures and problems- to answer questions accurately
Today in Class:  Block Schedule
1.  Online Chemistry Assessment :  2nd Trimester Assessment Part 1
2.  Genetics & Heredity Assessment: 2nd Trimester Assessment Part II
3.  In most of the classes, we completed a Spider Graph (Bulls-Eye Graph)- to visually illustrate how you are performing on the benchmarks for this Trimester.
A couple of the classes are a shorter Block- so you did not have the opportunity to complete these graphs.  We will do this Monday in those classes.
4.  Just a note – many of you completed Late / Missing HW this week during lunches, before & after school, and at the Seminar meeting time today.  Let’s make this a goal not to get behind on assignments / HW for the 3rd Trimester.
Homework:  No HW this weekend!  Relax and have fun 🙂

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