7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, Feb.16

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Daily Objectives:

1. Use tools and equipment (spring scales, graduated cylinders, beakers, triple beam balance scale, digital scale, meter sticks and trundle wheel, thermometer, ) appropriate to scientific investigations

2. Use metric measurement devices in an investigation.

S.IP.07.14 /  S.IP.07.13  /  P.PM.07.21 /  P.PM.07.22 /  P.PM.07.23
Today in Class:
This was our Metric Measurement Station Lab #2 today!  Wow, the class periods went by quickly as you and a partner went to each stations and tried your best to determine all of the correct measurements and how to use each of the measurement tools.
Hopefully, you checked to make sure that you wrote all of the metric units down with your answers.    Some of the questions also checked your understanding and ability to analyze and evaluate measurement situations.
Homework:  STUDY!  Study at least once in this long weekend– your choice of topics in Chemistry!

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