7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, February 14

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Daily Objectives:
1.  Differentiate between physical and chemical properties
2.  Students classify and correctly group types of matter by their chemical and physical changes which occur
3.  Classify substances by their chemical properties (gas formation, color change, change in odor, change in composition, burning).
4.  Classify matter by types- purity
5.  Classify matter by its composition; arrange types of matter from simple to complex
P.PM.M.1  /  P.PM.07.11  /  P.PM.07.24  /  P.PM.07.21  /  P.PM.07.22
Today in Class:
1.  Students were given the opportunity to re-do their Types of Matter WS—-  we discussed the first worksheet and went over the notes again yesterday.
2.  We then corrected the Changes in Physical and Chemical Properties Experiment.  This was an important lab that showed us if you understand how to differentiate between the chemical and physical properties and if you could then provide evidence of these changes.
3.  Students started their homework during class.
You are to read pages 77-79- and use the “I Read, I Understand” reading strategy.  This means to write down 5-6 concepts or phrases on the left side of a paper, and then write what this means to you after reading that section.

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