7th Science Rocks!

Thursday & Friday: February 9 & 10

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Daily Objectives:

 1.  Students classify and correctly group types of matter by their chemical and physical changes which occur.
2. Identify evidence of chemical change through color, gas formation, solid formation, and temperature change.
3.  Classify matter by its composition; arrange types of matter from simple to complex
P.PM.07.24 / P.PM.07.11 / A.PA.07.01  /  P.PM.M. 2
Today in School:

BLOCK Schedule Thursday and Friday: 

1.  Student groups read the “State the problem” for the Chemical and Physical Changes Lab.  Then you observed the demonstration for the procedure of this experiment.
2.  Groups complete: Hypothesis, Gather Information, Materials and Method for this Chemical and Physical Changes Experiment.  You worked with your group and talked about how you were going to run the trials.
3.  Students ran  3 trials on 3 separate tests for the Chemical and Physical Changes Experiment and record the data and their scientific observations.  You tested the 3 powders with vinegar, iodine and and heat (using a candle).    You then should have recorded your data in a chart,  noting if you saw evidence of chemical or physical trials for each test.
4.  Some students had time to complete the Analyze and Evaluate questions after the experiments/ recording the Data.  If you did not complete this, then this should be completed for Homework.
For those students who were absent – and any students who just want to check their Procedure steps – did you write each step?  If you need a written Procedure to look at— here it is:
Procedure – Chemical and Physical Changes Lab
a.  Label the wax paper “A,B, C” twice – and label the 3 foil trays “A, B and C.”
b.  Place a spoonful (~5mL) of Powder A by each label A.
c.  Place a spoonful (~5mL) of Powder B by each of the label B’s.
d.  Place a spoonful (~5mL) of Powder C by each of the label C’s.
e.  Drip 2-3 drops of vinegar on each of the powders- observe & record changes.
f.  Repeat “e” with iodine. 
g.  Hold each of the foil trays / powders over a candle flame for about 2 minutes.
  Observe and record changes.
Double – Check each step of the Scientific Method— Here is a review for you:
1.  State the Problem:  Is this the main point of the experiment?  Is it written as a question or sentence?  Did you start with a capital letter and end with correct punctuation?
2.  Gather Information / Research:   Do you have at least 2 or 3 scientific concepts with complete definitions written?  Will these terms and their descriptions help to explain your results and explain your reasoning?
3.  Hypothesis:  Did you use correct form (“If I do this,……. then this will happen…..”)?  Is it a complete sentence, with correct punctuation and capital letter at the beginning?  Is it a specific prediction as to what will happen?
4. Experiment
Materials:   Did you list ALL of the materials that were out on your lab table or that were described in the Procedure?  Did you list amounts where needed?  Did you include metric units?
Method / Procedure: Did you list clear and concise steps that are easy for the reader to follow?  Could a 5th grade student repeat your experimental procedure and get the same results as you?
5.  Record Results / Analyze Data:  Do you have a clearly drawn and computer-generated table, graph, chart,  or diagram???  Does it include measurements ( & metric units)? Is the data easy to read and easy to interpret?  Did you include Labels and a Title?  Did you repeat your trials!!!???  Remember 3+ or more trials set up a pattern!!
6.  Conclusion:   Is this written in sentences?  (Noun-verb, punctuation, capital letters)?? Does the Conclusion contain at least 1— better to have 2 or more —scientific concepts to help explain WHY you achieved the results that you did?  Did you explain WHY you got those results?
If you are still having a hard time with the Scientific Method, please come in and get some help!!!  You will continue to utilize the Scientific Method in almost every lab and experiment that we complete the rest of this year, next year and throughout HS, College … 
Homework:  Complete a Practice Conclusion (on loose leaf paper) for the Physical and Chemical Changes Lab.  If your group did not complete the Analyze and Conclude questions, then these should  also be completed for Homework.

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