7th Science Rocks!

Friday, Feb. 4

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Daily Objectives:

1. Use tools and equipment (spring scales, graduated cylinders, beakers, triple beam balance scale, digital scale, meter sticks and trundle wheel, thermometer, ) appropriate to scientific investigations

2. Use metric measurement devices in an investigation.

3. Students classify and correctly group types of matter by their chemical and physical changes which occur
4. Identify evidence of chemical change through color, gas formation, solid formation, and temperature change.
5. Classify matter by its composition; arrange types of matter from simple to complex
P.PM.07.24 / P.PM.07.11 / A.PA.07.01 / P.PM.M. 21


Today in Class:

1.You should have completed the Metric Measurement Lab #1.  If you have any questions for Ms. Kelly or Mr. Fowler, you will be able to ask us Monday !  

2.  You viewed a collection of video clips with a small group.  You should have tried to “Spot the Evidence”  – and not what you observed in the video clips that helped you to determine if these were showing physical or chemical changes.  You were able to refer to your text, pages 21-25, 107, and 164-167— for clues!!  The video clips are copied below, in case you were absent, or want to use these for review.  

You and your group should have noted your evidence on the worksheet given to you.  

  1. Fireworks

  1. Icicles melting

  1. evaporating water

  1. carbon snake
  1. Gummi Bears –

  1. water moving because of sound waves

  1. “Elephant’s toothpaste”

  1.  cook hot dog; melting steel

9.   Cleaning the Shower/Tub 

10.    Making a Rocket Balloon Move


11. “Cleaning” Pennies 

12.   Acidic Oceans Experiment



Study your notes—  physical and chemical properties;  metric measurement, tools, units; types of matter (elements, compounds, mixtures); density….

Actively review your notes — (see Monday) or play a Study Game.

QUIZ #2 : Next Wednesday


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