7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, January 26

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Daily Objectives:

1.   Differentiate between physical and chemical properties of matter
2.   Define Matter; describe classification and grouping strategies for matter.  Classify matter by types- purity of matter (compounds, mixtures, elements)
3.   Describe density as a property of matter.
4.  Use deductive reasoning to explain how to make a golf ball float or sink in water.
P.PM.M.1  /  P.PM.07.11  /  P.PM.07.24  /  P.PM.07.21  /  P.PM.07.22
Today in Class:
1.  Complete your I Love Density data.  Next, you brainstormed with your group — ways to illustrate  your data and show the relationships between the different liquids and their density.
2.  You took your Chemistry Quiz #1 today– Properties of Matter.  You took this online.  I will release the scores later this weekend after the rest of the class completes their quiz tomorrow and I have a chance to review the quiz and scores.
3.  Today, Mr. Fowler and I set up stations— to meet your needs.  Some people went to Red Stations: completing missing work.  Some went to the Yellow Stations — reviewing and making up recent assignments.  Some students- who had all of their regular labs and activities and all other assignments completed — went to the Green Stations and completed a Challenge activity.
4.  Next, you were randomly split up into groups and you and your group brainstormed some more and used deductive reasoning to  come up with a Materials List and decide on a Procedure to complete to achieve the same results as you were shown in class.
Bring in a material for your lab Monday.  Check what you need to do to catch up and / or stay on top of science….  Study your graphic organizers?  Completing your missing HW?
Look up more examples for Types of Matter?

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