7th Science Rocks!

Monday, Jan 24

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Differentiate between physical and chemical properties
2.   Define Matter; describe classification and grouping strategies for matter
3.   Differentiate between physical and chemical properties
4.  Classify substances by their chemical properties (flammability, pH, acid-base indicators, reactivity…).
P.PM.M.1  /  P.PM.07.11  /  P.PM.07.24
Today in Class:
1.  We discussed the notes – Classify – Properties of Matter.  You asked questions if did not understand properties that were confusing or needed examples.  Mr Fowler and I reminded you that all of the properties are listed on this Blog (Notes for the Unit- page), and that you were supposed to study your notes over the weekend.
2.  For hours 1-4 (due to 2 Snow Days):  you watched videos on glaciers and geysers.  (5th and 7th hours already viewed these last week).  You next completed a Venn Diagram for classifying matter in the text, page 5.
3.  Station Activity: Classify Matter—  we had various types of matter at each station.  You and your partner classified the matter by its physical or chemical property  of matter, and referred to your Graphic Organizer.
Study your Graphic Organizer notes, Chemistry, Properties of Matter

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