7th Science Rocks!

January 20, Friday

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Daily Objectives:

  1.  Differentiate between physical and chemical properties
  2.   Define Matter; describe classification and grouping strategies for matter
  3.   Differentiate between physical and chemical properties
  4. Utilize technology to graphically organize and illustrate types of matter and properties of matter.

P.PM.M.1  /  P.PM.07.11  /  P.PM.07.24


Today in Class:

  1.  We corrected the pages 6-7 – Write Ins.  I did not get to a few of your books, I will complete these Monday.
  2. I collected all  of the DNA Extraction Labs.
  3. I explained how to study using all sorts of games.  This is another Study Method — and it should be a lot of fun, if you choose to “play” a game as you are studying.  Games may include: cards,  board games,  BattleShip, Young Childrens’ games (Chutes n’ Ladders, CandyLand), “studyballs,”  bean bag tosses,…
  4. You had more time to complete your notes – Types of Matter, Chemical and Physical Properties,…  I am sharing my notes with you on this Blog– Notes of the Unit page, for you to double-check.



  1.  Graphic Organizer changes- additions
  2. Play a Study Game (see #3 above) as you study your types of matter notes.

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