7th Science Rocks!

Friday, January 13

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Compare how characteristics of living things are passed on through generations, both asexually and sexually.
2.  Isolate DNA from fruit: note the role of DNA in organisms
3.  Connect chemical principles of DNA fruit extraction lab to Genetics and Heredity
4.  Students will accurately follow procedure in order to arrive at the correct results.
S.IP.07.12 /   L.OL.M.2    /   L.HE.M.2 /      L.HE.07.21   /     L.HE.07 22   /  L.OL.M.3
Today in Class:
1.  Today you came in and got your DNA Lab out right away.  Those of you who were prepared and had your materials and procedure read and written were able to the the experiment right away.  The rest of the students completed these and then started the experiment.  because this was a Block schedule day, either way–students had time to complete their lab.
2.  This DNA Extraction lab went great!!!  Most groups recovered DNA because you followed the procedure carefully and accurately.  Most groups also had time to start the questions on the last page during and after the lab.  Nice work!!
Complete the analyze the data and conclusion questions on the final page of the lab worksheet.  Most of you started these during class today.

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