7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, Jan. 11

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Daily Objectives:

1. Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations, performances, models, activities.
2. Compare how characteristics of living things are passed on through generations, both asexually and sexually.
3.  Analyze information from data tables and graphs to answer scientific questions.
4.  Describe principles of probability and explain how they relate to Mendel’s results.
5.  Physically illustrate that there is a 50% chance of receiving a specific allele from each parent and a 50% chance of receiving a male/female allele
L.HE.07.21 / L.HE.M.2 / L.OL.07.31 / L.OL.07.32 /  L.HE.M.1 /  L.OL.M.3 / S.RS.07.15
Organisms reproduce sexually or asexually, and transfer the genetic information to their offspring.  MS-LS3-2
Today in Class:
1.  You were given a few minutes to look over the concepts for this unit (test taking strategy).
2.  We also checked who could bring in the supplies for the DNA Extraction experiment.
3.  Next, you took the quiz— it was an online quiz, and then you also completed a Punnett Square problem on paper.
4.  Next,  Mr. Fowler and I went over the Gather Information section and the Procedure with the class.  You should have followed along, and written in many of the materials on the Materials list.  This DNA lab will be a lot of fun, but it has a detailed Method, so it is important to read over  the Pre-Lab tonight!
By the way…..  6 feet of DNA is equal to  1.83 meters (or 182.9cm)  !  Almost 2 meters of DNA in each of your cells!
1.  Bring the supplies for the DNA Lab (if you volunteered).  Make sure the fruit you bring is frozen. Please bring freezer bags (not storage bags).  Cone-shaped coffee filters.
2.  Re-read the Gather Information and the Procedure for the DNA Lab again.  Make sure to list the materials and their metric amounts.  Fill in the 2  blanks on the front of the paper (Gather Information).

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