7th Science Rocks!

Friday, January 6

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Daily Objectives:

1. Practice genetic crosses using the Punnett Squares

2.Construct charts and graphs from data and observations.

3. Analyze information from data tables and graphs to answer scientific questions.

4. Describe principles of probability and explain how they relate to Mendel’s results.

5. Differentiate between heterozygous and homozygous; match correct percent amounts with offspring phenotypes and genotypes

L.HE.M.2 / L.HE.07.21 / L.HE.07 22  /  L.OL.07.M.2 S.IP.07.12 S.IP.07/15 S.IA.07.11

Today in Class:

  1.  You worked on one more practice set of problems –  “Fun With Punnett Squares.”  We discussed that if you need more help to understand these problems, you have options: ask a student/students to study and practice with you; come for help, like in the morning before school, at lunch, HW center,..;  ask someone at home; complete practice problems online (I will post another site below),….
  2. Dragon Activity:  You are a “dragon breeder.”  You job is to determine the parents’s alleles, then randomly choose 2 offspring alleles, and note the genotype and phenotype for the offspring.  After that, you were to modify your sketched dragon (draw in the traits, erase traits, color the dragon parts,..)  as your allele pair indicated.
  3. Most students completed their HW –  or completed 3/4 of the activity in class.  Great work!

Homework:  Complete your Dragon Activity!  This checklist was on the board— and most of you completed the majority of the work during class:

  1.  Note the Parent’s Alleles — both male and female
  2.  Note the offspring’s alleles— genotype (random choice)
  3. Determine the Offspring’s phenotype
  4. Modify your dragon, based on your genotype and phenotype

Practice Punnett Squares with interactive online sources:

Come Learn More: Genetics and Punnett Square Games

Bunny Punnett Square Practice

Mystery Animal Interactive Punnett Squares



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