7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, January 3

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<Sorry this post was updated after 3:30…. technical difficulties with my computer.>

***I introduced you to my student teacher: Mr. Fowler.  Mr Fowler is studying to be a Secondary Education Teacher.  His major is in Integrated Science.  This is a degree that gives him a complete background in all disciplines of science, such as Biology, Environmental Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science.  Outside of school, Mr. Fowler enjoys photography, including photos of friends and nature.   He also likes to travel to new places,  both in-state and outside of Michigan.  This week, Mr. Fowler is having fun learning all about my classes, and will be working with small groups.  It is important that he has time just getting to know you. 🙂

Daily Objectives:

1.  Review: Compare how characteristics of living things are passed on through generations, both asexually and sexually.
2.  Review: Use Mendel’s principles of Genetics and Heredity to explain trait being passed down from parents to offspring
3. Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations, performances, models, activities.
4.  Differentiate between acquired and inherited traits.  Explain how acquired and inherited traits are developed and displayed.
L.HE.07.21  / L.HE.M.1  /  S.RS.07.15  /   L.HE.M.2  /  L.OL.07.31 / L.OL.07.32 /

Organisms reproduce sexually or asexually, and transfer the genetic information to their offspring.


Today in Class:

  1.  Change of table arrangement, change of seating charts.
  2. Your group reviewed Mendel’s experiments with Genetics…. reviewed the concepts we covered the last few weeks before Break.  You starred the concepts that you still had questions about, and then the large group answered questions together.
  3. You read pages 83-84: Punnet Squares.  Most partners had time to complete the Write-Ins on these pages.
  4. I passed back the Flower Labs.  Most of you really performed well on these!   Great Job!


Homework:  Review!!  Read your notes over,check this Blog (“Notes for the Unit”) look at the text and check out some of the Genetics and Heredity sites below…


  1.  This is a good review, clear, shorter explanations on most of our concepts:

The Biology Corner, Ch 11, Mendel & Genetics


2.  Acquired vs Inherited Traits


A different set of notes – about Mendel— some of the later slides get a a little too detailed.  You might wish to look over the slides just to review.

Genetics and the Work of Mendel extra notes


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