7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, December 22

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Objectives — Take a look at Wednesday’s Post!

Today in Class

You were given ~20 minutes to complete your Google.slides on Acquired and Inherited Traits.    Most partners had this completed early and double-checked what you should have done using my Blog post from Tuesday and Wednesday.

After that, we completed a “Brain Break” and had a little fun!

Next, students who completed their notes on A and I Traits as well as the Google.slides switched seats and we graded these terrific presentations.  Most of you who completed your work as directed finished up this month with a strong grade on this activity.  Great Job!


Homework:  No HW – unless you wanted to complete some Late / Missing work – and you left it for Winter Break.  (Boooo.  Next time, put your effort into completing your work on time.)

Have a peaceful winter break!


No automatic alt text available.

Photo Credit: Gary McCormick  “Moon over Grand Marais Harbor”





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