7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, December 21

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Compare how characteristics of living things are passed on through generations, both asexually and sexually.
2.  Describe cross-pollination, noting male and female structures on an actual flower; make comparisons of an actual flower to a scientific diagram.
3. Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations, performances, models, activities.
4.  Use Mendel’s principles of Genetics and Heredity to explain trait being passed down from parents to offspring
L.HE.07.21  / L.HE.M.1  /  S.RS.07.15
Organisms reproduce sexually or asexually, and transfer the genetic information to their offspring.


Today in Class:
1.  You were given 5 minutes to look over your notes for the quiz.  Then you took the quiz online, using Google.forms.  It looks like most of you performed well on this quiz!  Great Job!
2.  You continued your work on the Google.slides presentation on Acquired and Inherited Traits.
Here are the directions/expectations that I placed on Tuesday’s Blog Post:

“Acquired vs – Inherited  Traits: Google.slides  –  This is a partner activity, in which you and a partner are to define each type of trait, identify examples of each type of trait and create a Google.slides to represent your understanding of these types of traits.

a.  Today during class, you should have looked up Acquired Traits and Inherited Traits (glossary, index) in your text and defined these concepts in your notes.

b.  You and your partner should then have listed some examples of acquired traits that you wanted to search for examples of, and also some inherited traits that you would like to search for examples of.

c. Next:   You will need to make 3 slides that illustrate Inherited Traits,  and 3 slides that illustrate Acquired Traits.”

Today- continued directions:  

d.  Each slide should have the label, “Inherited” (or Acquired”) on it.  You should have 1 picture / photo on each slide, with a short description of the trait.  You do not need to write sentences about the traits.  *****Make sure that you do not simply select any random photos, or just choose photos that are the exact same examples as stated in the text.  

e.  This means you should have a total of at least 7 slides.  

f.  Many groups completed this during class; some of you were almost finished.  If you do not have this done – you will be given a few minutes tomorrow— but you should have the majority (3/4) of this Google.slides already complete.  


No Homework—-  Happy Winter Solstice!

The length of the days will now be on the upswing!  Woo Hoo!

Vernal Equinox diagram






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