7th Science Rocks!

Thursday and Friday, December 8-9

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Compare how characteristics of living things are passed on through generations, both asexually and sexually.
2.  Describe cross-pollination, noting male and female structures on an actual flower; make comparisons of an actual flower to a scientific diagram.
3. Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations, performances, models, activities.
4. Examine how through cell division, cells can become specialized for specific functions
5. Describe growth and development in terms of increase of cell number and/or cell size.
L.HE.07.21  / L.HE.M.1  /  S.RS.07.15
6.  Organisms reproduce sexually or asexually, and transfer the genetic information to their offspring.  MS-LS3-2
Today in Class:  Block Schedule
1.  Students took the Cell Cycle- Asexual vs Sexual Reproduction  Quiz.
2.  Students – searched for and chose a flower diagram to draw that would illustrate the male and female reproductive structures, as well as other identifying features.  Most students located a diagram online and then created a terrific scientific drawing and labeled:
Pistil     Stigma     Style     Ovary     Ovule     Eggs     Stamen     Filament     Anther     Pollen     Sepals     Receptacle     Petals
This is YOUR decision – which diagram accurately represents the structures of a flower— which diagram is easy enough for you to draw, but is a 7th Grade Science level diagram?  
This should be presentation quality — just like the scientific drawings of the microorganisms that you completed a couple of weeks ago.
3.  Next, student groups searched for the missing terms in the Gather Information section of the Flower Dissection Lab WS.  You should have looked online for key concepts, to help you to complete this section.
4.  Next, you were shown all of the different materials that you will use in this Flower Dissection Lab.  You should have listed these on your lab worksheet.
1.  Complete the Flower Diagram: scientific drawing and labels – if you did not complete this during class.  Band students (4th hour – Thursday) will need to complete this task.
2.  Read the Procedure / Method for the Flower Dissection Lab that will take place next week Monday.

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