7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, November 10

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Daily Objectives:

  1.  Practice correct use of the microscope, demonstrating understanding of use of tools appropriate  to the investigation.
  2. Recognize that cells located in different parts of the human body appear specialized due to their individual functions.
  3. Use collaborative discussion to check how accurately students write scientific observations, with details.


Today in Class:

  1.  Complete the Microscope Lab #4 – Human Body Cells .  Students move station to station to practice focusing the microscope on low, medium and high power objectives.
  2. Then students write 3-4 details – scientific observations about the human body cells.


3.  Cell Process Videos: watch &  take Notes: 3-2-1   

What are 3-2-1 Notes?  

Name the Process (ONE Page per process!)
3- Facts
2- Diagrams (label?)
1 – Question

  1.  Simple Diffusion, Passive Transport:

2. Simple Osmosis showing how large molecules cannot go through

3.   Endo- and Exocytosis

4. Active and Passive Transport

5.  Photosynthesis



  1.  If you and your partner did not complete watching the above videos , complete watching these and take 3-2-1 Notes as you go.
  2. If you are done watching these videos, study cell process notes (Sports Study).



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