7th Science Rocks!

Friday, November 4

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Daily Objectives:

1. Recognize that all organisms are composed of cells

2. Recognize that all cells have many distinct details and complexities, because cells are specialized and have distinct functions.

3.  Conduct science investigations using appropriate tools and techniques— microscopes, appropriate to the scientific investigation.

4.  Describe how cells in multicellular  organisms are specialized and each part of the cell has a specialized function
5.  Explain how cells make up different body tissues, organs, and organ systems.  Describe levels of organization in living things.
S.IP.07.13 / S.RS.07.15 / L.OL.07.21 /  L.OL.07.22 /  L.OL.M.2
Today in Class:
1.  Students reviewed levels of organization, using the Sticky Notes / notes taken Monday, text pages 20-21.
2.  Full class – check with lower level and higher level-thinking questions—- about cells- tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms, multicellular and unicellular organisms.
3.  Microscope Lab #3, Part 2: Practice Focusing.
You and your partner chose a microscopes and:
a.  Took the slide off of the microscope and write the slide title, scope #, slide #… on your lab paper
b.  Reviewed the parts of a microscope and their correct use
c.  Practiced focusing – low and medium objective
d.  Focused on the power you wanted to draw at– and drew, details, shading, etc.
You were given a “Bulls-Eye Graph” paper.  Your job is to estimate how well you are doing this term for each of the 4 quadrants.  You should place a “dot” in each quadrant— if you are doing well, then place the dot near the outside of the bulls eye.  If you have closer to a 50%, then place the dot in the 1/2 way point of the bulls eye.  This is just a tool to help you to be aware of how well you are doing in science.
We will  discuss these Monday and graph more points on the other lines then.

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