7th Science Rocks!

Thursday, October 27

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Daily Objectives:

1. Conduct science investigations using appropriate tools and techniques— microscopes, appropriate to the scientific investigation.
2. Recognize that all organisms are composed of cells.
S.IP.07.13 /   S.RS.07.15 /  L.OL.07.21
Today in Class:
1.  We reviewed the parts, use and care of the microscope as a large group.
2.  We corrected the worksheet that you completed in class yesterday (or for HW), “Under the Microscope.”
3.  You participated in a Practice Microscope Lab #2: Drawing Macroscopic Organisms.”  Many of you drew: plant pollens, spores, leaf cross sections; insect legs, antennae, insect wings; canary feathers, animal hair, sponge skeletons;……   you did a great job with details, shading and enlarging the object.
4.  You took your Microscope Quiz today!  Nice work!
5.  Most of the classes had time to start practicing the “Sticky Note” reading strategy.
If you did not have time–did not start, it would be good to start your reading, pages 12-15 before Monday (less work to do next week).
 No HW – but see #5 above — reading pages 12-15.

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