7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, October 26

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Daily Objectives:
1. Conduct science investigations using appropriate tools and techniques— microscopes, appropriate to the scientific investigation.
2. Recognize that all organisms are composed of cells.
S.IP.07.11  /  L.OL.07.21
Today in Class:  
1.  You were given time to review the microscope- parts, use and care.
2.  I answered questions regarding the microscope – we reviewed in class.
3.  You were given time to work on a practice worksheet, “Under the Microscope” with a partner, using your notes.  Most students did complete this during class- some took this assignment home to finish.
4.  Ripped Paper – Practice Microscope Lab #1.  You looked at a small ripped paper to practice – draw a few fibers, with detail, shade, enlarge, and take your time.
Homework:  Study that Microscope one more time!  Quiz to check your understanding of the parts, use and care of the microscope will be tomorrow (hours 1-4) or Friday  (hours 5-7).

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