7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, October 25

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Daily Objectives / Standards:

1.Describe the effect humans and other organisms have on the natural world.
2. Explain how human activities (deforestation, urban development, restoring natural areas) change the surface of the Earth and affect the survival of organisms.
3. Apply science standards to design a method for monitoring and minimizing human impact on the environment.
S.RS.07.17  /  E.ES.07.41 /    MS-ESS3-3
Today in Class:

 The Seventh Grade split into two groups- half went to Eastmanville Bayou  in the morning and half went to Eastmanville Bayou in the afternoon.

The goals of this field trip were to:

  1.  Introduce you to Invasive Species and Native Species: what do these two concepts mean and what are some examples of each?

2.  Review how Invasive Species travel – by “Vectors.”  You should have been able to        identify how people, animals and birds can be vectors.

3.  See examples of different plants, especially invasive species: Buckthorn, Oriental Bittersweet and Honeysuckle.

4.  Have an opportunity to hike through a green space.  You should be able to appreciate the abundance of living organisms in the the Ottawa County Parks.  You should be able to recognize the challenge of taking care of our green spaces (county parks).

5.  You had the the opportunity to see the different methods that Ottawa County is taking to take care of their parks and rid the natural areas of invasive species.  You should now know what a task it is to clear an area of invasive species!!!

6.  We cleared so many Honeysuckle and Buckthorn out of the area by the walking path near the Grand River!  You did a fantastic job of clearing the Oriental Bittersweet! I have posted links/photos to each of these invasive species below.  You should now be able to identify these species, and if you see people who are transferring seeds, berries and plants to another area (they are acting as vectors)– then you may choose to inform them kindly how you and your class worked on clearing this area.

YOU – The 7th Grade students — Made a Great Positive Difference today 🙂

Ms. Melanie Manion, from the Ottawa County Parks Association informed the classes that Allendale Middle School – on behalf of the 7th Grade Students each year – is adopting this park – The Eastmanville Bayou!  Woo Hoo!

Eastmanville Bayou – Ottawa Co. Parks

By the way, your behavior was much better today than on the last trip. Good job!

Oriental Bittersweet – berries

Image result for oriental Bittersweet images

Oriental Bittersweet – covering trees, like a blanket:

Image result for oriental Bittersweet images


Image result for honeysuckle invasive species images

Homework:  Study study study — Sports Study Method!  Study your microscope notes and diagram!  Quiz Thursday or Friday – depending on Block schedule.





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