7th Science Rocks!

Friday, October 21

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Daily Objectives:

1.. Conduct science investigations using appropriate tools and techniques— microscopes, appropriate to the scientific investigation.

2.  Evaluate a scientific experiment.

3.   Apply the Scientific Method principle to a lab situation. Identify steps of the Sci. Method.

S.IP.07.11  /  S.IP.07.12 /      S.IP.07.16 /     S.IA.07.11 /      S.IA.07.12 /     S.IA.07.13 /

Today in Class:

1. You watched the Exploding Jacks video one more time and completed  the worksheet — demonstrating you understand the scientific process:

Steve Spangler Science: Exploding Pumpkins

2.  We started taking notes – Microscopes and Cells.  You were copying notes at stations.  We will complete these notes Monday during class.

3.  Most of the Groups have their Gummy Bear labs completed now.  I will finish organizing these over the weekend.  Grading will be completed in the week following.

Homework:  No HW this weekend.


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