7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, Oct. 19

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Daily Objectives:

1.Evaluate a scientific investigation

2.  Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations,performances, models, performances, models, tables, graphs,

3.  Write a clear and complete conclusion that utilizes research from the Gather Information and analyzes data from the results of the Experiment

S.IP.07.12 /  S.IP.07.16 /  S.IA.07.11 /  S.IA.07.12 /  S.IA.07.13 /   S.IA.07.14


Today in Class:

1. Your group was given one more work time to complete your poster / lab paper for the Gummy Bear Lab.  This should now be complete.

2.  Peer Editing:  groups of students walked around the classroom and wrote a Strength and a Weakness of each of the Data/Results posters for the Gummy Bear Lab.  This should have helped you see also see how other groups of students set up their experiments and how they decided to organize and illustrate their data .


The second set of Types of Experiments WS have been corrected and passed back.  If you still need hep, come for study help (Thursday morning 7:25-7:45am) and/or watch these videos:

Independent and Dependent Variable video

Independent and dependent variable video #2


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