7th Science Rocks!

Friday, October 14

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Review Types of Experiments.  Recognize that limiting the independent variables strengthens the data of an experiment.  Be able to compare the data from Independent Variable Experiments to the Control Experiment.

2.  Evaluate a scientific investigation

3.  Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations,performances, models, performances, models, tables, graphs,

4.  Write a clear and complete conclusion that utilizes research from the Gather Information and analyzes data from the results of the Experiment

5.  Review the concepts of the Unit: Lab Safety, Types of Experiments, Scientific Method

S.IP.07.12 / S.IP.07.16 / S.IA.07.11 / S.IA.07.12 / S.IA.07.13 /


Today in Class:  5-7th hours

Students read the board – left to right. Students then complete the “Bell Ringer.” Some students needed to re-do the paper – Types of Experiments. You should have worked quietly, independently, and turned in your papers.
2. If a student does not wish to re-do the assignment (ex.: they scored a 10/12 = B) then they should go to my Blog and click on the hyperlink – “Choose a Chart for your Data!” They may look this over to evaluate if they want to create a different chart or graph for their data.
Choose a Chart For Your Data!
Check out all of the ideas to chart your data! This is a terrific page to look at and help you to show your data effectively. I pasted the chart on Thursday’s post for you to reference.

If that link is not working, here is a link that does work with your ChromeBooks:

3. GROUPS: TALK for 5 minutes— each member of the group shared how they think the data table/graph, chart should appear. Students talked with their GROUP members – not other students. The group should ALL have the data completed as a rough draft on each of their own lab papers. The group decides exactly how they want to change/improve their data tables/graphs/charts.

4. DO– 10 – 15 minutes: students make some changes to one of the rough drafts of the Data. Then the group brings up their rough draft to the teacher…. The teacher should be able to understand what the graph/table/chart is showing– does it have labels, does it have a title, what do the numbers stand for,….? The group should have a control experiment labeled. If the teacher told you it was unclear what a data table/graph is supposed to illustrate, then the group should have improved your labels, Key, and/ or Title.

5.   Students should have created their posters to show their final results / data.  These should be presentation quality.  Students should refer to their rough drafts that were approved by the teacher.  Students could have looked at their Gum Lab Graph rubric to remind them of details for their posters/data.

6.  5 minutes:  Talk time:  How should your conclusion be written?  Group should have discussed their scientific words that should be in their conclusions and how to best explain why they achieved the results that they did.

~15 minutes   Student Groups write a practice conclusion on loose leaf paper.  Students should make sure that they have scientific words explaining their data.  Students should write 4 – 5 sentences.

Finally, all students in the group  should have written the final conclusion on their Lab paper.

Homework:  You may complete additional Experimental Trials at home this weekend if you like.  I did tell each class multiple times that all trials should have been completed by Thursday morning (this morning)!  My room was open for groups to come each day during science class and also: Monday at lunch, Monday after school, Tuesday morning before school, Tuesday after school, Wednesday before School, Wed. at lunch, Wednesday after school, and Thursday before school.




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