7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, October 4

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Daily Objectives:

1. Identify control and variable experiments; differentiate between the two; note how limiting variables creates stronger scientific claims and data during investigation

2. Students make comparisons between different lab situations and identify patterns in data.

3.  Identify wise and careful use of scientific materials and procedures during investigations and experiments.
S.IP.07.16   /  S.IA.07.12  /  S.RS.07.16
Today in Class:
1.  I discussed the homework with you and the importance of completing Pre-Labs when they are assigned.
2.  You were given your Types of Experiments worksheet back to check once again – using your Lincs Cards.  Then- we corrected these together.
3.  Notes – on Lab Safety!  You should have made Lincs cards as we discussed Lab Safety guidelines.  (These notes will be updated on the “Notes for the Unit” page on this Blog in just a few minutes!)  I showed examples as I talked about each type of Safety Guidelines.
Homework:  Pre-Lab:  List 3 different ideas for designing your own experiment-  as we discussed in class.  (3 sentences, in your notebook or on loose leaf paper)



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