7th Science Rocks!

Wednesday, Sept. 28

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Daily Objectives: 

1.  Design and conduct scientific investigations:
-*Write a complete / clear procedure
-*Revise and provide feedback to help write effective conclusions
2. Identify control and variable experiments; note how limiting variables creates stronger scientific
claims and data during investigations
3.  Identify the main point of an experiment
S.IP.07.12 /  S.IP.07.13  /  S.IP.07.15 /   S.IA.07.13 /  S.RS.07.15
Today in Class:
1.  Quiz #1: Scientific Method  Students took this using Google.Classroom.
2.  Next,  students observed actions and discussed how to apply the Scientific Method steps to the Pop Can Investigation.  You should have talked about /written: Procedure, Materials, State the Problem, Hypothesis….
3.  We will complete the activity tomorrow /Friday — remember, tomorrow we have Block Schedule!
 No Homework, unless you have missing / incomplete assignments or labs.

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