7th Science Rocks!

Tuesday, Sept. 27

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Daily Objectives:

1.  Inquiry includes an analysis and presentation of findings that leads to future questions, research and investigations.
2. Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations, performances, models, exhibits, and activities.
3. Generate scientific questions on regarding flight and wind resistance based on observations, investigations, and research
4.  Use metric measurement devices in an investigation.
 S.IP.07.13 / S.IP.07.15/  S.IP.07.16 / S.IA.07.13 / S.IA.07.14
Today in Class:
1.  Students reviewed Sci Method steps and apply these to the Frisbee Lab.
2.  Complete trials of the Frisbee Lab.  Make sure to record data using metric measurements and tools.
3.  Groups looked at their data and discuss how they would write their Conclusions, using Terms from Gather Information.
4.  You discussed with your group – how to write a clear and complete conclusion for the Frisbee Lab.  You should have discussed which terms  to use from your Gather Information section.  Then you should have all written a final conclusion.
1.  Bring the can of pop for the Pop Can Lab tomorrow.
2.  Study… Scientific Method— study your Lincs Cards.  Quiz #1 tomorrow.  If you are not sure if you have a complete set of notes, remember you may check the notes for the class on this Blog – “Notes for the Unit” page.

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