7th Science Rocks!

Monday, Sept. 19

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Daily Objectives:

1. Demonstrate scientific concepts through various illustrations, performances, models, exhibits, and activities.
2. Identify and apply the steps of the Scientific Method (especially Hypothesis, Record/Analyze Data) to the Gum Experiment.
S.IP.07.11 S.IP.07.12 S.IP.07.15

Today in Class:

1.You created  (or should have used the first 12-15 minutes- Bell Ringer time to create) 3 more Lincs cards.  1 card for Control Experiment, 2 cards for the Independent Variable .  The Independent Variable description is 4 points- so I stated to break up that definition for 2 cards.  Remember, the definitions and descriptions for all science terms are on my “Notes for the Unit” on this Blog.

2.  Next — we started the Gum Experiment.  I described the Procedure and you answered questions about the jobs or roles that students will need to take as they complete this lab.  After that, you created an X  and  Y axis, with labels, title, heading, numbers/minutes, to prepare for the lab tomorrow.

3.  I passed back the corrected Off Target Lab.  Most of you performed well on that lab and on the Scientific Method WS #1 paper.  These grades were recorded on the Portal over the weekend.

Homework: If you did not bring in your gum for the gum lab yet…

Bring an unopened pack (5+pieces) of gum – the type you volunteered to bring to class by Tuesday) Types include: Fruit, Bubble Gum, Mint, Sugar Free (any type), Cinnamon. (we do not need every student to bring a pack of gum…).  7th Hour:  see if you can bring in a pack of gum,… you should be all caught up with the other classes now ….




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