7th Science Rocks!

Friday, September 16

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Daily Objectives:

1.Identify patterns in data.     S.IP.07.16

2.  Design and conduct scientific investigations.   S.IP.07.16


Today in Class:

1.We checked the Practice Scientific Method WS#1  (“Sleeping Frog”).

2. Next, you watched a video- Science Tuesdays – Swirling Milk Experiment   – watched it twice and then completed an Entrance  Ticket – “What Stuck With You?” set of questions.  These kind of mini-checks will help me and help you to see if you understand the major points of the content.

3.  You completed the final Sci Method WS #1 —  you should have been able to successfully answer the questions identifying the steps of the Sci Method in a real-lab situation.

4.  We played a quick review game in most of the classes (had time).

5.  I explained the unconventional HW — we will be completing a “Gum Experiment”  next week.

Homework: Please bring an unopened pack of gum, with 5-6 pieces or more.  Bring the gum Monday or Tuesday morning.    You volunteered to bring a specific time of gum 🙂

***7th Hour:  Choose a type of gum – mint, bubble gum, fruit, cinnamon, or a type of sugared gum.  Your class is catching up due to the magazine sale.






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